ft3 and Emergency Department planning specialist to design new Emergency Department for Dauphin RHC.


By Staff Writer / FT3
July 16, 2013

Winnipeg, Canada, July 16, 2013 – ft3 Architecture Landscape Interior Design in association with emergency department specialists, FreemanWhite Inc., are excited to announce that they have been awarded the design contract to develop the new Emergency Department for the Dauphin Regional Health Centre.

This 16,000 ft2 project with a 12,000 ft2 addition and a 4,000 ft2 renovation includes triage, trauma/ resuscitation, treatment, decontamination, exam, observation, special care and waiting room facilities. A reconfiguration will take place to accommodate a proper entry and nurse triage for 'walk-in' patients a move away from the currently used front reception. The ambulance drop-off/garage will be weather enclosed and security, privacy and patient management issues will be addressed.

"We will strategically plan careful department moves and a temporary ED. This will mean that delivery of patient care will be at its highest standard throughout the construction process. The design of the ED is well underway but the schedule for completion is yet to be determined. We are really excited about the positive impact this kind of development will have on improving health care service delivery in the community." says Jerald Peters, Principal and Healthcare Lead with ft3.

Peters, has extensive acute care experience in urban and rural centres including the Swan Valley Health Centre, the Grace Hospital, and Integrated Health Centres in Kerrobert, Rosetown and Biggar, Saskatchewan. His innovative, creative thinking has placed ft3 in high regard by both clients and colleagues. FreemanWhite, the only specialized Emergency Department Design Team in North America, has partnered with over 200 hospitals and health systems to achieve solid business success, streamlined processes, and efficient, flexible facilities. Jon Huddy, Managing Principal and author of ED Design: A Practical Guide to Planning for the Future, published by the American College of Emergency Physicians, will be FreemanWhite's Principal-in-Charge for the operational analysis and planning efforts on this project.

"In addition to all the expertise that FreemanWhite brings to the project, we will apply ft3's 'Integrated Design Process' which integrates all of the project's stakeholders, including our clients, users, builders and architectural and engineering professionals, into the design process to allow synergistic benefits to be realized." says Peters. "Our goal is to achieve high performance and multiple benefits at a lower cost than the total for all the components combined by engaging community members and construction management team members early in the project cycle."

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