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  • International Peace Garden. Interpretive Centre with garden details in the immediate foreground.
  • International Peace Garden. Exterior front of Interpretive Centre featuring stone cladding.
  • International Peace Garden. Interpretive Centre, walkway and gardens.
  • International Peace Garden. Looking across walkways and water feature to Interpretive Centre.
  • International Peace Garden. Interpretive Centre ceiling detail.
  • International Peace Garden. Interpretive Centre front exterior.
  • International Peace Garden. Interpretive Centre interior of snack bar.

International Peace Garden Interpretive Centre

USA / Canada Border, Provincial Trunk Highway Number 10, 27 kilometres south of Boissevain, Manitoba

A new 1,485 sq.m. (16,000 sq.ft.) Interpretive Centre (Phase 1), including exhibit (multipurpose) space, classroom, conservatory, gift shop, restaurant, and grand lobby as well as landscape redevelopment. A new terrace connects the sunken garden and the interpretive centre. The building embraces nature with extensive glazing offering majestic views of the outdoors. Use of native and drought tolerant plants mitigate the need for irrigation, which is handled with captured rainwater. Low flow water closets and waterless urinals reduce water consumption, while low VOC paints and coatings contribute to healthier indoor air quality. Regionally sourced materials and products with recycled content are utilized throughout, and a Waste Reduction Plan minimized environmental impact of construction. Certified LEED NC Silver at a cost of $5.3 million.